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Transcribo el llamado a presentar papers a un workshop. Además del intrés de la convocatoria hacen una definición de los alcances del tema -"social software"- y un punteo de items incluidos bajo esa denominación.

Social Software in the Academy Workshop
May 13-14, 2005
Annenberg Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Call for Participation
(Submission Deadline: March 31, 2005)

Tools for collaboration and communication have proliferated in academia. Students and professors regularly communicate via email and mailing lists and course materials are commonly made available via the web. Students regularly use instant messaging and cell phones to communicate with each other, enhancing relationships and building support networks for college life. A new wave of tools for communication and collaboration has surfaced under the name 'social software' including tools like weblogs, wikis,, Flickr, tagging, etc. Researchers are exploring how these tools fit into everyday life and how they can be employed in professional contexts.

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers working in a variety of academic disciplines to understand current and possible uses of social software in the academic context. We invite submissions for papers, panels and demonstrations of relevant research tools.

Possible topics might include:

• The social/learning issues of using backchannels in the classroom
• How weblogs and wikis can be employed in support of teaching and learning
• The possibilities and challenges of using folksonomies for organizing academic knowledge
• Wikipedia as an encyclopedic tool
• Designing better social software tools for the classroom
• The use of social software as assistive technology
• The role of instant messaging in learning
• Models for using social software to collaborate across disciplines and universities
• Using social networking tools to create and/or enhance campus community
• Methodologies for researching the use and impact of social software tools on various aspects of campus academic and non-academic life.

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